This Saturday (8/18) is the Day!!!
See you @ AARC
Let the Show Begin!!!

Taste of Taiwan Food Festival

Cooking Show by Chef Tony

Chef Tony  and his assistant  Chef Amo will show you their street food special, night market style.


Taste of Food

You  can stroll the food stands to taste various food from local  restaurants and food prepared by chef Tony.

台灣美食佳年華 ,夜市文化的體驗,一個不同凡響的美食饗宴 , 喜愛美食的老饕們,絶對不能錯過

Performance shows

Exhibits of Taiwan cultures  and performance show will enrich your day, a special treat for the family.

大人小孩全家人快快來, 讓你看到, 台灣文化展示 及表演

Food Ticket $10.00 each


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Each ticket has ten $1.00 slot.  You pay for the food and the Vendor will  mark out the price.  One your $10 is used up the vendor will take the whole ticket and you buy more to eat more.

Buy $20 Food Tickets


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Buy $50 Food Tickets


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Featuring Taiwanese Snacks

Spicy Jelly Noodles 麻辣涼粉

  Don't think that it is very troublesome to make jelly noodles at home. In fact, it is very simple, and even a kitchen novice can have full controlled. Just the right amount of sweet potato powder, simple condiments can be blended into any desirable flavor,  after pouring a spoonful of balsamic vinegar, some spicy sauce , mix well and you are ready to enjoy. The taste is kind of heart-cooling rushed to the feet, just tried it and you will knew it. 

Stir Fried Rice Noddles (炒米粉)

Perfect for feeding a crowd or fixing a solo meal on the fly, this simple home-style Taiwanese noodle-and-vegetable dish may look bland, but hidden within are layers of flavor, thanks to plenty of white pepper, black vinegar, and broth. If desired, this dish can be made vegetarian by omitting pork and substituting vegetable stock. Look for black vinegar and Taiwan-made rice noodles, often labeled "Hsinchu Rice Noodles", in Asian groceries. 

Pork & Mushroom Soup 香菇赤肉羹

Pork and mushroom soup is a very popular Taiwanese snack. It can be seen everywhere. Although the cooking method varies from place to place, it is just as delicious. Generally, the method can be divided into two types. One is to add fish paste which makes it more chewy and tasty. The other is made by mixing a lot of sweet potato powder with corn starch. After cooking, don't forget to put the parsley and topped with vinegar to increase the flavor

Braised Pork Rice (Lu Rou Fan) 滷肉飯

Lu Rou Fan  is known as the synonym of Taiwan’s national delicacy. The sauce of braised minced pork is poured over the hot rice. The aroma of the salty and sweet sauce is a simple but good taste that many people have loved since their childhood.

Coconut Milk Snow Cake 椰香鮮奶雪花糕

Tamsui Fish Ball Soup 淡水魚丸湯

2018 Tour of Taiwan Culinary Arts 台灣美食廚藝巡迴講座

Main Events

We are very pleased to announce the 2018 Tour of Taiwan  Culinary Arts is coming to Austin with two main events. Two award winning Chefs from Taiwan are doing incredible cooking demonstration.

August 18, "Taste of Taiwan " Food Festival  at Austin Asian Resource Center (AARC)
August 19,  VIP Private Dinner at Chinatown Restaurant (Greystone) upcoming events

Taste of Taiwan Food Festival

Saturday August 18 at Austin Asian  Resource Center from 11:45 am - 4:00 pm. Taste of Taiwan festival  features cooking demo of Chef Tony Huang and chef Amo Liang, food tasting of variety of  Taiwanese food night market style, and cultural performance shows.  This will be an event full of fun and good food for your family to enjoy don't miss it.

Admission is free. You can Purchase food stamps on site for food tasting.

VIP Private Dinner Banquet

Sunday August 19, Chef Tony Huang and Chef Amo Liang will be cooking for you  at Chinatown Restaurant. It will be a full  course sit down dinner with the best dishes from the chefs and Chinatown specials.  Tickets  are sold out.  Thank you for buying the tickets.


好消息 8/19 ,曾任凱悅飯店,麗景四季飯店等10多家台灣知名飯店行政主廚,並榮獲多項國際級世界廚藝奬項的黃寶元老師將在龍門客棧飯店為你烹煮並講解幾道他的拿手好菜, 請不要錯過這難得的機會,  名額有限,  儘早報名.  

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僑務委員會為推動台灣美食國際化及行銷台灣美食品牌形象, 2018年美南地區台灣美食廚藝巡迴講座即將於今年8月中旬展開,第一站德州奧斯汀。活動主題, "台灣美食不同凡饗"。

兩位名廚, 黃寶元及梁語宸老師將從臺灣飛來奧斯汀做台灣美食廚藝巡迴講座, 為了歡迎他們, 奧斯汀台中姊妹市協會將帶給大家兩場主活動, 一是8 月18 日在亞裔資源中心 (AARC) 舉辦的台灣美食佳年華 。將會有名廚黃寶元及梁語宸表演他們的廚藝, 會場中也有像臺灣夜市的各種食物和臺灣小吃的攤位, 讓大家品嚐, 其中也會穿插著臺灣特色的文化表演,  在AARC的這場活動 ,將會帶給社區一個不同凡響的美食饗宴, 及台灣文化展示的台灣美食佳年華 。適合全家人一起來同樂.

第二場活動是8/19 在龍門客棧飯店的貴賓晚宴, VIP Private Dinner Banquet, 曾任凱悅飯店,麗景四季飯店等10多家台灣知名飯店行政主廚,並榮獲多項國際級世界廚藝奬項的黃寶元老師將為你烹煮幾道他的拿手好菜, 真是令人期待, 座任有限, 請不要錯過這難得的機會, 盡早購票.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q: I am very interested in going to AARC to see the Taste of Taiwan, do I need to buy tickets?

A: Admission is free. It will be a fun event with a lot of things to see and enjoy. You are welcome to see the chef doing demo cooking and other culture shows.

Q:  What are in the Festival?

You will see some cultural things about Taiwan. We have several food booths where you can buy Taiwanese street foods which are prepared by famous chefs and some are from local restaurants.

Q: Is the food tasting free?

A: No,  in order to help our cost you will need to purchase the food stamp to buy food and drink. 

Q:  Where can I get the food stamps?

A: When you come in you can buy the food stamps and use them for food and drink. 

Q: Could I use credit card or personal check?

A:  No, we only accept cash.

Q: How can I reserve the VIP private dinner for me and my friends?

A: You can reserve on line by paying with Paypal using your credit card. We have very limited  seats available at Chinatown Restaurant so do it before they are gone. 

VIP Private Dinner Ticket Purchase


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Welcome the luck 100 guests to be our VIP to taste the delicious 8 courses meal  prepared by Taiwan's top Chef Tony Huang and Amo Liang. Business casual attire. 

Chinatown Restaurant 龍門客棧

Chinatown Restaurant was recognized as the Taiwanese Gourmet Restaurant in 2016

3417 Greystone Dr., Austin, TX 78731


榮獲2016僑營臺灣美食餐廳認証, 授予"僑營臺灣美食"標章


龍門客棧的招牌菜, 非常具有台灣傳統特色的菜餚像 陳皮牛, 左公雞, 甜酸魚, 炸花枝和九層塔焗蝦, 這些菜式經過嚴格的食材的處理和創意的烹調, 展現出非常吸引人的色香味美食

ThanK You, our Sponsors !!!

Gold Sponsorship, $500 Donation

Gold Sponsorship $500

Benefits :  5 food tickets for Taste of Taiwan Festival  ($50 value) and 4 seats of VIP dinner ($200 value)

Gold Sponsor

Ms. Doreen Tannto


Austin 101 Realty  

12325 Hymeadow Dr, 

Austin, TX 78750

Gold Sponsor

Dr. Jingyu Gu

PhD and Lic Acupuncturist

Wellspring Acupuncture & Holistic Health Clinic
1502 W Koenig Lane
Austin, Texas 78756 

Thank you for your Generous Supports!!!

Oversea Community  Affairs Council of Taiwan,  and Culture Center of TECO  in HOuston

Realty 101, Jinyu Gu  Lic Acupuncturist

Chinatown Restaurant

Veggie Heaven, Yoshi Ramen

CoCo Cafe,

Oriental Kitchen Restaurant

Silver Sponsor

Serving the Austin vegan/vegetarian community since 1998 Veggie Heaven was recognized as the Overseas Quality Restaurant.  榮獲僑營臺灣美食餐廳認証 

1611 W 5th. St. Suite 135

Austin, TX 78703

Silver Sponsor

Yoshi Restaurant logo

Yoshi Ramen was founded in January 2018 by Chef Stacy Chen. The concept is a tribute to her grandmother, who owned a ramen shop in Osaka in the 1980s. 

3320 Harmon Ave.
Austin, TX 78705

Award Winning Chefs

Chef Tony Huang

· Department Head and Associate Professor of Hsing Wu University

· Executive Chef, Hyatt Hotel Taiwan

· Winner of many international culinary contests

· Cuisine Ambassador to promote Taiwanese Cuisine overseas

· Winner of Taiwan President Award

· Gold Metal Award of the World Association of Chef’s Society, WACS

美食巡迴講師 - 黃寶元教授


* 醒吾科技大學餐旅管理系副教授兼系主任

* 麗景四季飯店-行政總廚

* 美國希爾頓飯店-客座主廚

* 榮獲台灣之光總統府總統接見表揚

*  WACS國際廚藝挑戰賽─金牌獎

Chef Amo Liang 美食巡迴助理講師-梁語宸


* Hsing Wu University Department of Hospitality Management –Lecturer

* Grand Hyatt Taipei ZIGA ZAGA– Assistant Chef

* Mandarin Oriental Taipei Michelin In Four Hands– Assistant Chef

* Beijing International Western-Style Pasta Competition –Silver

* Huaxia Bank Cup Hangzhou International Western Cuisine Invitational Tournament–Gold

* Taiwan Bullhead International Cuisine Challenge–Gold


* 醒吾科技大學 餐旅管理系專任講師

* 台北君悅酒店ZIGA ZAGA餐廳─廚師

* 台北文華東方酒店米其林饗宴─助理廚師 

* 北京國際食神爭霸賽 個人賽西式麵點 銀獎

* 華夏銀行杯杭州國際西餐廚藝邀請賽 西餐團體 金獎

* 第一屆牛頭牌盃台灣國際烹飪大賽 金廚獎

Welcome Chef Tony Huang & Chef Amo Liang

擔任本次台灣美食廚藝巡迴講座的名㕑是黃寶元老師及梁語宸助理,黃老師現任醒吾技術學院餐旅管理系副教授及系主任,曾任凱悅飯店,麗景四季飯店等10多家台灣知名飯店行政主廚,並榮獲多項國際級世界廚藝奬項如國際食神爭霸賽西餐廚藝競賽金牌亞洲廚藝邀請賽,西餐廚藝競賽金牌馬來西亞世界金廚爭霸賽金牌等,曾在多項電視美食節目擔任料理示範主㕑及評審。亦出版多項美食及專屬著作如養生膳食,餐飲管理 ,菜單設計西餐烹調等。 梁語宸助理老師曾榮獲北京國際食神爭霸賽西式麵點銀牌奬及華夏銀行杯杭州國際西餐邀請賽團體金牌奬。

The Story

黃寶元老師曾經說過「一盤菜,一個故事。」通過對食材成長的了解,對食材的熟悉,會對食材更有一份情感,會把食材特點淋漓盡致的發揮出來,充分詮釋食材的精神,讓食材更有靈魂,讓美食進入另一層面的意義。通過美食的傳承,來傳遞廚師的熱情,詮釋美食文化. 喜愛美食的老饕們,絶對不能錯過。精通中西餐及台灣特色廚藝的黃寶元老師表示,廚藝展示會將本着本地食材本地享用的原則,所以他會利用當地素材來製作出有台灣風味的美食。除了推廣台灣美食之外,也傳遞台灣精神和美食故事。,黃老師將現場展示自己拿手獅子頭及官財板,同時還以中菜西吃的布菜法請來賓品嘗台灣牛肉麵、筒仔米糕、鷄卷、鳳梨酥、雪花糕等台灣特色小吃。據聞黃老師有準備超過100 道他的拿手菜單,奧斯汀團隊會用心的去㸃選絶對不能錯過的幾道名菜,準備好食材,8月18 日在亞裔資源中心的台灣美食佳年華,譲黃老師盡情瀟洒的去發揮,請大家拭目以待。

Chef Tony Video 臺灣美食廚藝講座 黃寶元示範料理

Chef Tony Showing off  in South Africa.

台灣美食 2017 南非巡迴,僑委會前往南非展開了,「臺灣美食廚藝講座」的巡迴之旅,請到了創意名廚,黃寶元師傅來上菜,他演說的精彩內容,吸引了近百位僑胞們,前來觀摩學習和品嚐美食。大家不僅重溫了來自臺灣的道地家鄉料理,也透過大廚的現場示範,讓廚藝更為精湛。

Video of our Past Event 台灣食神吳松濂奧斯汀藝驚四座

  "2011 臺灣美食廚藝講座 "在奧斯汀財神飯店舉辦。應邀講課的是台灣著名烹飪大師吴松濂老师。吳老師曾担任驻美代表处双橡园主厨,目前在弘光科技大學餐旅管理系擔任副教授。2008年,吳老師曾拿下德國IKA奧林匹克世界餐飲大賽的個人餐飲藝術組金牌獎,而在2010年卢森堡世界杯餐饮大赛上,吳老師以「飛天舞樂」為題,以芋頭雕製出一幅精緻的仕女圖作品,一舉奪得餐饮艺术类个人组超级金牌奖。 廚藝講座上,吳松濂老師以深入淺出的教學方式,向到場嘉賓介紹了三色煎元寶、法式小封、香芒黃金雪酥等健康養生料理的製作。他烹飪的菜餚宛如藝術品,刀工精緻,配料講究,色香味俱全,令人愛不釋手。奧斯汀市長李•萊芬維爾(Lee Leffingwell)攜夫人蒞臨現場,在品嚐了美食之後為三位廚師頒發了榮譽市民證書。

About Us, 奧斯汀台中姊妹市協會

Sister City Relationship with Taiwan

Taichung, the third largest City in Taiwan, and Austin established sister city relationship in 1986. The picture is the famous Taichung Park, the landmark of Taichung.  Click to connect to Austin sister Cities International website

Our Team

Chair                  Steven Yau   姚東權

Vice Chair         Lih-lih Gau   高莉莉 ,  Catherine Farris  傅詩雯  

Exe.  Director    Kay Yau  蔣凱娜

Director              Eva Liao  廖玉華 ,         Nancy Chen  陳明珠,  

                             Jaujian Chen 盧昭君,  Shaumei Young 雷少梅 ,                              Jennifer Liu 朱夢蓮 ,

Our Mission

We foster friendly relations and understanding between the citizens of Austin and  Taichung through  educational, cultural, and economic  exchanges. The picture is our visit of Taichung City Hall with Mayor  Lin  Chia-lung in Nov 2016.

Contact Us

Austin Taichung Sister Cities 奧斯汀台中姊妹市協會

Steven Yau , TEL: 512-299-6079 ; email:

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